Knight Age

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Head east to go to Wolf Village.
Why don’t prove your skills by beating some Smiley?
Reach level 10 before heading past the cave to Illusion Forest, south of the village.
What is that monument in the middle of the village is for?
Try not to hurt the Smileys west of Wolf Village!
There is a big snail problem as the edge of the forest.
The cave entrance at the edge of the forest looks dangerous!
Did you find those flowers and bring them to Lisa for Hammer?
Have you seen the mysterious stone monuments at the lake in the south?
Head to the field north of the village to learn the secret of fighting wolves.
Mysterious Valley is just west of North Field and full of pests!
Green Snails like to eat algae found at the bottom of lakes.
The sea coast is just east of Wolf Field.
Most cats hate the water, but these Yellow Cats seem to love the fresh sea air.
Locals report seeing an 8-armed creature just off the sea coast.
A shy creature has been spotted near the reefs at the end of the coast
Help recover the chest before it is lost at sea forever!
The reef is overrun with Stone Crabs and Devil Shrimp! Is there nothing anyone can do!?
Shall we continue the story?
Reach the Swamp by heading north of the Village.
Worms seem to love the soil around the old temples.
Locals swear a secret cave can be found near the ancient temple.
A guard is waiting near the cave to help you.
Destiny awaits you inside the caves.
The northern swamp is home to many strange and exotic bugs!
Watch your step in the northern swamp.
A master of masters lives somewhere in the City of Gold.
I wonder if those blob creatures in the Dead Forest are related to Smileys.
Demons find the hot springs west of the Dead Forest very refreshing!
Isn’t that the name of the blacksmith in the center of the city?
The first guardian sleeps beyond the Dead Forest and Hot Springs.
One thing people hate about the Dead Forest are all those pesky flies!
This monster tricks its prey into thinking it is a tree!
Have you seen any empty bottles lying around?
Some plants are toxic to certain drugs.
Stone Valley is famous for mineral and gem mines.
The entrance to the Catacombs is located on the right side of the city.
The Death Guardians on the last floor of the Catacombs seem to be protecting something.
The Second Crystal is protected by a powerful monster hidden deep within the Catacombs.
Have you spotted anything flying around the Catacombs?
Legend has it these Immortal Warriors are protecting a valuable treasure.
Could there be hidden treasures inside the Minotaur Maze?
They call it corpse hill because no man has every returned!
The desert bridge used to offer safe passage between the city and the West Gate.
Dangerous lions are said to roam near the Desert Bridge.
The Graveyard was the location of a great battle.
The western road takes you down, while the eastern road takes you up.
Dangerous roads will lead you to lower ground and the Lower World.
Dangerous roads will lead you to higher ground and the Upper World.
Has Benjamin been able to see the future?
Let go out and fight monsters at the same level or higher.
Return to me when you have those materials.
Go and find the Herbs that I was tall to you.
Don’t forget your job today huh?
Tell me if you finish the hunting.